Top 5 Indoor Plants That Can Grow in Water | Houseplants in Semi-Hydroponic

My top 5 indoor plants that I am converting to grow in water. Common houseplants that can grow semi-hydroponic.

Semi-hydroponics – or “semi-hydro” – is growing plants without the use of organic soil medium. Typically, LECA (lightweight expandable clay aggregate) is the preferred growing medium for this type of setup. It is rather easy to convert plants to LECA or a semi-hydroponic system, and many plants tolerate the conversion surprisingly well.

I actually started my journey into semi-hydroponics because a few of my house plants were really struggling. Over time, I started researching about LECA and semi-hydro plant care. Finally, I started transitioning a few plants at a time, to see how they react.

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1. Indoor Potting Mix –
2. Perlite (added to soil to make it porous) –
3. Clay Pebbles (LECA) –

1. Jack NPK 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer –
2. Magnesium Sulphate –
3. Calcium Nitrate –

1. Full Spectrum Grow Light –
2. Pruning Shear –
3. Humidifier –
4. Hygrometer –

1. Neem Oil –

1. Flora Series (Nutrients Solution) –
2. Net Pots –
3. Round Sponge –

2. Terra Cotta Pots 4inches –
3. Succulent Soil Mix –

1. Iphone 12 Pro Max –
2. Tripod –
3. Light –

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  1. What if I do not drill a hole into the glass or ceramic container?Will it be ok? I have seen some containers with no holes at all. And the plants are fine. A

  2. I find myself coming back to your channel for all my answers. I have a question. I have an orchid. The ones you buy at the grocery store the real common one. It’s almost dead. Can I repot it in leca?????

  3. Hi! For a clear container you can't make a hole in it, can you just draw a line? Or does the container really needs holes? Thank you.

  4. Did you place the Dracaena Janet Craig in Leca with fertilizer? Mine have never like fertilizer so it’s just in water. I’m curious

  5. WOW! Another amazing video! I love, how you treat the plants with so much love and care. You are a perfectionist, and plants appreciate that. Your work with the glass jars was impressive! All my respect! Thank you for your great advices, I will apply them. I love your channel! Stay safe! XX

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