Top 6 Flowering Plants For balconies|| Semi-Shaded Flowering Plants#WinterFlowers

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. Top 6 Flowering Plants For balconies|| Semi-Shaded Flowering Plants#WinterFlowers

#Flowering Plants

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* SAAF Fungicide (500GMS)

*DAP For Plants

*Stand/Pot Stand – 24 inches (Set of 4)

*Iron Plant Stand/Pot Stand (2 Step Big, 2 Step)

*Rectangle Flower Pot 14 Inches 4 pcs

*Gardening Tools Set

*Hanging Planter – Set of 5

*NPK 19 19 19

Flowering Planter Brown-Pack of 10 (12-inch)

Thermoform pots 8” Inch, 50 Pcs Brown

*Cocopeat Plants 10 Kg

*Neem & Bio-Pesticide Based Organic Pest Repellant

*Green Carpet Grass For Balcony

*Neem Cake Powder for Plants 5 kg

* NPK 19 19 19


*OPPO F17 Pro

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