Transplating Large Indoor Plants

I have two large indoor plants that needed to be repotted. The Philodendron selloum was in a plastic nursery pot and I wanted to transfer it into a terra cotta planter. The Monstera deliciosa I thought was root bound and needed to be repotted, but as it turned out, it was not root bound. I ended up transplanting it anyway. I added fresh soil and now it can grow in this container for at least a few more years.

In this video I asked for help from my husband as I was slightly terrified at handling the large houseplant solo. It was helpful having him navigate the sprawling foliage.
I braved the Monstera by myself, and luckily all went well. Preparing before hand makes a huge difference when attempting to transfer a mature plant. The soil mixture I used was 1/2 potting soil ( peat moss, worm castings and perlite) 1/2 peat moss Late winter early spring is a great time to transfer larger plants as it gives them a full growing season to develop roots and push out new vegetation. Ideally transplanting outside is better to avoid the mess, but these plants are too big to get down the stairs!! Have a great week and Get Planted!