1. Can't I do bottom watering so the plant drinks from the bottom to top? It seems like such a waste of water and soil nutrients escaping through the plant.

  2. Hi, I'm in round rock! I got a tree from home depot online a bare root multiple apple, it's not dead but having issues not putting out leaves, some little buds. It's in a self watering container and I spilled out the water from the reservoir because it stunk. Should I make sure it's emptying?

  3. One day i try to do this and all the water stay inside and kill all the roots of my plants! 😭😭😭😭

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  5. Thought she was over watering but she is correct. In ground there is large amount of earth to hold water but in a pot there is only small amount so need to water frequently or saturate the soil in the pot.

  6. THANK YOU!!! So all my life I've been doing it wrong. I always assumed, something so simple, just water it. But now I know how. Your video is awesome, clear and really, really helpful. Seeing you actually doing it real time and how long it takes and now I know to look for bubbles. You rock, Mary Kay!

  7. What if the pot never stops bubbling no matter how much water you put in? I have a pot of geraniums and the pot just bubbles even though I've filled the top 5 or more times. It has a good lip of 2 inches. It's a big pot (about 15" across and 12" tall so 10" deep of soil) so I know it needs a ton of water but I tried this method this morning and it bubbled on top of the soil every time. Is it possible that something else is causing the bubbling? I think I filled it at least 7 times this morning and ran out of time before I had to work. I was thinking maybe the next time it needs water that I should soak it in a tub of water to rehydrate the soil, would that help?

  8. Does the same watering technique apply to plants in ceramic pots with only one hole? I am worried that it wouldn't have the same drainage as a pot with multiple holes.

  9. So how often do you water potted plants? Is it safe to assume that it depends and you water them as needed? based on just checking to see if they are drying out? or is it everyday?

  10. Omg I love this woman she reminds me so much of my extremely practical mother who isn’t a fan of saying things twice ahahah

  11. Mary Kay pope knows her stuff! My plants are so happy after her guidence. Keep up the great videos! A FAN!

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