What Flowers To Sow in February with Erica | Flowers to Sow in Late Winter | Seeds for Early Flowers

What flowers to sow in February? My top picks of seeds I’m sowing that you can too! Because maybe you’re wondering ‘what should I sow this month?’ and this month, I ask one of my favourite YouTube gardeners, @Erica’s Little Welsh Garden to recommend one seed, that if you sow nothing else, you need to sow this!

And if you’re wondering what vegetable seeds you can sow in February, here’s my video:

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► Erica’s channel: Erica’s Little Welsh Garden

► For show notes, seed lists, and more info on the channel:
Click through to my website at www.niallgardens.com

// Today’s Seeds //

Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea) ►
Foxglove (Digitalis Ferruginea) ►
Sweet Pea ‘Cupani’ ►
Iceland Poppies ►
Verbena Bonariensis ►
Hardy Geranium ►
Echinacea ►

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0:00 Intro
0:29 What Flowers to Sow in February
1:47 Sowing Foxgloves in February
3:33 Sowing Sweet Pea in February
4:35 Sowing Chrysanthemums in February
5:20 One Seed That If You Sow Nothing Else, Sow This!
7:12 Planting Snowdrops in February / Spring
8:30 Planting Lilies in February / Spring
9:25 Sowing Verbena Bonariensis in February
10:39 Sowing Hardy Geraniums in February
11:22 Sowing Echinacea in February

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  1. I am so impressionable – I'd ordered some snowdrops and bluebells in the green before the video finished! Fingers crossed i finally get some snowdrops in my garden.

  2. Hi Niall, great to find an NI gardener on YouTube. Couple of questions for you! If you buy seeds online, where from? Seems hard to get over here. Also do you know anywhere to buy those corrugated steel raised beds locally? Struggling for both since shipping here is hard now. Subscribed btw, great channel.

    Second year gardening, haven't got any flowers to sow this year yet, but started some veggies on the window sill.

  3. I’ve just come across your channel Niall. I must say this type of content is a winner for new to seasoned gardeners, who doesn’t benefit for seed recommendations. I’m looking forward to binge watching your videos. 👌💕

  4. I thought I had my sowing timetable sorted last year until we had the cold spell in May. My petunias I grew from seed suffered and never really recovered, they flowered. I recommend starting a journal/ diary of what you sowed. Most of the seeds you are sowing can handle colder temperatures, I had my sweetpeas out in April and covered them with a bit of fleece during the nights, lasted me well into September but these were started in October/November.

  5. Lots of interesting plants. I've always noticed that on UK and Ireland garden shows they always speak of buying snowdrops in the green from local garden centers. Of course, I've have moved many in the green but never seen them for sale that way. I've always just bought the bulbs in the fall and planted them with good results. I wonder if they only offer the bulbs because when they do emerge in late winter here the ground is usually still half frozen and under snow. Either way they are a welcome nuisance when they spread.

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