Woman Explains WHY Flowers Isn't Good Enough

Do Modern Woman value materialistic things more than a connect with a man?

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  1. It is such a lovely thing when a man brings me flowers. It is thoughtful and I appreciate it. I have vases but if I didn't I could figure something out. If there is no plant food (which often comes with the flowers but not always) you dissolve a pinch of sugar in the water to keep the flowers fresh for longer. Not only was it a joy to receive the flowers in the moment, but that man also provided me with 5-6 days of pleasure every time I see the flowers on my desk or wherever.

  2. Maybe she really didn't like the guy. But she doesn't have to do this. Women we don't need to prove we are liked or appreciated unless you are really insecure and need to shout out how special you are.

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