1. Thanks, I saw it in my mother in law's shrimp plant I help her take care of & was a bit concerned. Thanks for making this video to help us know.

  2. I just found one in my pot of 3 African violets. It is a very very bright pretty yellow . I'm going to keep it for now. A pretty compliment to my houseplant. 👋

  3. I too had these cool yellow mushrooms growing in my pot and searched yellow mushrooms and saw this video 🙂✌

  4. I just saw one on my little home plant’s pot. I just search for yellow mushroom and saw this video. Thank you for the information😊

  5. One popped up at the base of one of my potted basil plants (Aristotle Basil). It's about an inch tall, lemon yellow and appears to be growing quickly. I'm going to move the infected plant away from my other potted basil. I've looked it up and it seems to be inedible and described as 'dangerously toxic if ingested'. Otherwise, it is not reported as harmful to the host plant although it does seem to be impacting the leaves, making them turn somewhat brownish. Will watch its development carefully – inclined to leave it alone and hope it doesn't spread.

  6. Thank you . I love in Texas and I just grew a bunch of them ! Gave my self credit!! To grow new life

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